b a d c
b a d c
Will I miss you when you’re gone, old friend? b a d c
My Ninja in her element. b a d c
iPhone 5s modified with Snapseed and Photoshop. b a d c
50% #cleancut I like how the lines from sleeping on my face looks vaguely like a #scar #haircut #beard #manscaping b a d c
Mother and Child. b a d c
Solidarity. b a d c
Uncle Terry holding baby Kade for the first time. b a d c
Dandelion. b a d c
China Palace.  Stockton, CA. b a d c
No Exit. b a d c
Ballona Creek, Culver City. b a d c
Los Angeles Central Library. b a d c
Culver City Classic. b a d c
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